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Frequently asked questions

Q. Tracking says my order has been delivered, but I haven’t received anything yet! Plus, my tracking number doesn’t appear on USPS.

A. If you only ordered stickers, this is normal! I mail out stickers with letter envelopes, and there is no actual tracking for them (sorry!) — it’s an approximation for letters provided by Pitney Bowes. Your tracking number should work on the Pitney Bowes website if you’re curious (though, it says the same thing as Etsy does).

Q. Can I only buy a 4-Pack if all four stickers are one design?

A. All 4-Pack offers allow you to choose ANY stickers you’d like! Though, be sure to let me know which stickers you’d like in the “Leave A Note” section at checkout!

Q. What countries are eligible for international tracking?

Please check the list here for eligible countries: (DM me if this link doesn't work!)

Can I combine characters from different listings for the 4/10-Pack deals?

Yes! All you have to do is mention it in your note :)